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Can enteric-coated capsules be opened and taken?

By admin / Date Sep 11,2023
In general, it is not recommended to open or crush enteric-coated capsules unless your healthcare provider or pharmacist has specifically instructed you to do so. Enteric-coated capsules are designed with a protective coating that is intended to prevent the medication or supplement from being broken down or activated by stomach acid. Instead, they are meant to dissolve in the alkaline environment of the small intestine, where the active ingredients can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Opening or crushing enteric-coated capsules can disrupt this protective coating, potentially altering the way the medication is absorbed and diminishing its effectiveness. It may also lead to stomach irritation or other adverse effects.

If you have difficulty swallowing capsules or have concerns about taking them, it's important to discuss your specific situation with your healthcare provider or pharmacist. They can provide guidance on alternative forms of the medication, such as liquid formulations or tablets that are easier to swallow. They may also be able to recommend strategies to make capsule swallowing more manageable, such as taking them with applesauce or yogurt, as long as it does not interfere with the medication's effectiveness.

Never make the decision to open or crush enteric-coated capsules on your own; always seek guidance from a healthcare professional to ensure the safe and effective administration of your medication or supplement.