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Do you know the characteristics of enteric-coated capsules?

By admin / Date Apr 28,2022
Enteric-coated capsules, generally speaking, are capsules that can only be dissolved and absorbed in the human small intestine. The so-called enteric-coated capsules actually only add special medicinal polymer materials to the capsule shell or undergo special treatment to make them insoluble in gastric juice and only disintegrate and dissolve in intestinal juice. The capsule will not dissolve in the stomach, or in water or even in boiling water.

"Enteric-coated capsules need to meet alkaline liquid in the intestine to dissolve, and gastric acid is acidic, so the capsule will not be dissolved in the stomach. If the enteric-coated capsule is dissolved in the stomach, it may cause damage to the stomach. "

Now the capsules commonly seen in clinic are gelatin capsules, and the ingredients are gelatin. Medicinal gelatin is a high-grade glue product made of animal skin, bone and tendon through complex physical and chemical treatment. It has physical characteristics such as high viscosity, high freezing force, and easy freezing.

The digestive organs of the human body are mainly the stomach and intestines. The stomach is mainly acidic and the intestines are alkaline. Therefore, according to this part, there are generally two types of capsules, one is dissolved in the stomach, and the other is dissolved in the intestine. Because some drugs are highly irritating to the stomach and have a harmful effect, they are not harmful to the intestines. So for this part of the drug, it is necessary to make this enteric-coated capsule.