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How Do HPMC Capsules Compare in Terms of Cost to Other Types of Capsules?

By admin / Date Jun 28,2023
Capsules have become increasingly important dosage forms, enabling the development of a wide variety of delivery systems. From a standard capsule consisting of a dry powder to pellets or softgels, through to combined formulations with multiple active ingredients inside the capsule, they offer the versatility that pharmaceutical manufacturers need for the development of new products.

They are also a good choice for formulations that contain more sensitive active ingredients, as their low moisture content ensures the controlled release of drugs at a desired rate, delivering them to targeted sites in the body. They also have excellent gastroresistant properties, which makes them a suitable option for formulations that are susceptible to stomach acid degradation.

The vegetable-based nature of HPMC has made it a popular option for the development of nutraceutical products, especially among consumers who prefer natural or “vegan” products. Its ease-of-formulation properties, such as a high fill rate and a wide range of sizes, make it the ideal alternative to gelatin.

Despite their clear, tasteless, vegetarian and vegan appropriate nature, HPMC capsules are not as inexpensive to buy as gelatin ones. However, they can be more affordable if the formulation includes a gelling agent or a coating material, making them a great choice for a cost-conscious product development approach.

The demand for vegetarian-based products is increasing across the globe, particularly in North America and Europe. Moreover, rising cases of coronavirus in the latter region have put pressure on healthcare providers to produce vegetarian-based products. The growing popularity of plant-based products has resulted in the increasing use of HPMC capsules in the nutraceutical industry, thereby creating absolute $ opportunities for the global market.