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Is it useful to take medicine at the right time?

By admin / Date Jan 15,2022
Sulfonylureas promote insulin secretion from islet β cells in the early stage of treatment and lower blood sugar. Therefore, sulfonylureas should be taken half an hour before meals. After long-term treatment, although the ability of β cells to secrete insulin decreases, the hypoglycemic effect is still obvious, which is the result of the extrapancreatic effect of sulfonylureas.
Metformin hypoglycemic drugs can cause obvious gastrointestinal reactions and should be taken with meals. It does not promote insulin secretion, so it will not affect its hypoglycemic effect.
As a new class of hypoglycemic drugs, α-glucosidase inhibitors are different from sulfonylureas and biguanides. They competitively inhibit α-glucosidase at the brush border of the small intestine, slow down the decomposition and absorption of sugar, and reduce postprandial consumption. blood sugar. Therefore, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors should be taken minutes before meals or with the first bite of food.
People with diabetes need to take medicine for life, so it is very important to understand these basic knowledge. Only when taking the medicine at the right time can the maximum degree of drug absorption be achieved, and the disease treatment can be effective.