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So can Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsules be taken for a long time?

By admin / Date May 19,2022
Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsules belong to pure traditional Chinese medicine preparations, which have the functions of invigorating Qi, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals. For ischemic stroke, qi deficiency and blood stasis, symptoms include dizziness, limb numbness, paralysis, fainting, hemiplegia, skewed tongue, slurred language, pale complexion, shortness of breath and fatigue. Proper use in clinical can receive good curative effect, with few side effects. However, not all disease patients can use Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsules for treatment. In clinical practice, it must be used correctly under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory to receive the due curative effect. On the contrary, the improper use of Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsules will cause to adverse effects. Therefore, whether Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsules can be taken for a long time should be determined according to each person's physical condition, rather than generalization.

Vertigo is a movement or positional illusion produced by the body's spatial orientation disorder, which involves multiple disciplines. Most people experience this disorder in their lifetime. According to statistics, vertigo accounts for 5% of internal medicine outpatients and 15% of otolaryngology outpatients. Vertigo can be divided into true vertigo and pseudo-vertigo. True vertigo is caused by a disorder of the eye, proprioception, or vestibular system, with a pronounced sense of foreign objects or self-rotation.

Through the above introduction, I hope that all patients can accurately understand the drugs and use them under the guidance of doctors. Guarantee your own health.