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What are enteric-coated hypromellose hollow capsules?

By admin / Date Mar 03,2022
The main raw material of hypromellose hollow capsule is HPMC, which is extracted from natural plants such as cotton.
It can effectively prevent its impurities from remaining far below that of gelatin hollow capsules. Because it does not contain protein, coupled with the special production process, it is difficult for microorganisms to grow, so there is no need to add preservatives during the production process. After the product is finished production, the microbial limit meets the specified requirements, which can effectively prevent drugs and capsules from gelling. chain reaction without additional sterilization.

The weight loss on drying of hypromellose capsules is controlled within 6%, and the molecular structure is stable, and the moisture requirements of the filler are low. When filling drugs with strong hygroscopicity, the capsule will not be broken.
It does not affect the moisture of the filler, making the filler safer and more thorough in dissolution. HPMC has no side effects on the human body, and provides a new option for vegetarians and people of different religious beliefs.
The emergence of enteric-coated hypromellose hollow capsules will greatly expand the development of special content preparations, and provide pharmaceutical companies with a better choice for rapid, large-scale, and low-cost enteric-coated drugs.