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What are some knowledge introductions of Empty Capsules?

By admin / Date Apr 26,2023
Whether you're an athlete, looking to make your own DIY workout blends or simply making your own vitamin and herb supplements for your family at home, you need empty capsules. They're a great way to save money on pre-packaged vitamins and herbal supplements!

Sizes and Capsule Types
The most common form of empty capsule is made from gelatin, which is a Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) ingredient used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. This material can be sourced from many different sources, including poultry and marine fish.
Other materials are available such as HPMC (hydroxyprolymethyl cellulose) and Pullulan. These are both commonly used as alternative materials to gelatin.

Vegetarian Capsules
Alternatively, you can use vegetable-based capsules. These are often referred to as ‘HPMC vegetarian capsules’, although they actually use Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, which is completely suitable for both vegans and vegetarian athletes.
Vegetarian capsules are very similar to standard gelatine capsules, just containing no animal products!

Flavored Capsules
Our flavored capsules are perfect for masking the taste of powdered vitamins, minerals and herbs. They can be used to make your own vitamin and herbal blends or mixed with a variety of other encapsulated products such as powdered amino acids or branched chain amino acids.

Empty Capsules are a highly popular alternative to tablets, as they are easy to swallow and don't cause any bitterness or pain after consumption. They are also a very effective way of delivering active ingredients to the body, as they can be absorbed and metabolised at a faster rate.