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What are some knowledge points of Gelatin Hollow Capsules?

By admin / Date Mar 29,2023
Gelatin hollow capsules are thin, long, and can hold all kinds of drugs. They are widely used for medical purposes. Their main component is high-quality medicinal gelatin. Generally, they are made from beef, pork, or water.

Gelatin is a kind of protein derived from collagen in animal bones and connective tissues. It has a high degree of flexibility and is also thermoreversible. Aside from being able to accommodate a large variety of fills, it is also safe. In addition, it is commonly used for capsule shells.

In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has grown rapidly. Therefore, its use of plant capsules is increasing. Plant capsules, including gelatin hollow capsules, have received a great deal of attention.

Typically, gelatin capsules are filled with active ingredients. These substances are dissolved in oil-based solutions. The drug is then absorbed through the soft shell. Some consumers prefer to fill their own powders and tablets. This method avoids tablet binders and other ingredients that may have an adverse impact on the body's gastrointestinal tract.

Although gelatin is generally considered to be safe for food consumption, it may also have side effects. For example, it is possible for aldehydes to crosslink gelatin proteins and result in poor bioavailability. To prevent these issues, modern solutions have been developed to reduce crosslinking of soft capsules.

However, brittleness is a characteristic of gelatin that manufacturers should be aware of. If the gelatin is too brittle, it can degrade quickly, which can affect the stability of the filled material.