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What is the Process For Manufacturing HPMC Capsules?

By admin / Date Jul 28,2023
HPMC is a biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and tasteless cellulose polymer that has been developed for use in the production of hard capsules. Its encapsulation properties make it ideal for the plethora of pharmaceutical, herbal and dietary supplements that require the protection of a hard capsule.

HPMC Capsules making is a multistage process that starts with the gelatin melt. This consists of mixing a gelatin solution with hot demineralized water under vacuum in the Gelatin Melting System. Once the mix is ready, it is gravity fed to the dipper section.
In the dipper section, a series of stainless steel pins are dipped into the gelatin solution. Once dipped, a film is formed that is then raised and rotated to spread the solution uniformly.
After dipping, the pins are transferred to the upper deck of the machine where the actual capsule halves are moulded on them. The halves are then moved through a drying section where gently moving air that is controlled for volume, temperature and humidity removes the moisture from the capsules in an elegant fashion.