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Are gelatin hollow capsules the same as enteric-coated hollow capsules?

By admin / Date Sep 26,2022
Gelatin capsules and enteric-coated capsules are not the same.
Empty gelatin capsules can be divided into stomach-coated, enteric-coated, anal-coated, etc. Under normal circumstances, no special instructions are required, and they can be dissolved in the stomach, anus, vagina, etc., while enteric-coated capsules can be dissolved by special methods. Let it not dissolve in the stomach, but dissolve in the intestine, so as to achieve the purpose of treating intestinal diseases.
Gelatin hollow capsule is a kind of capsule shell with cap and body made of medicinal gelatin as raw material and auxiliary materials. It is used to hold solid medicines. For example, homemade powders, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc., solve the problems of difficulty in eating and poor taste for eaters. In addition, characters, trademarks, patterns, etc. can also be printed on the capsule to form a personalized appearance.
Enteric-coated hollow capsules are made of gelatin and suitable enteric substances as raw materials. They can be divided into two types: general enteric-coated capsules and colon-coated capsules. They are mainly used to hold solids or other drugs that are easily damaged in the stomach.

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