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Customed Blue and green 00# 00#el 0# 0#el 1# 1#el 2# 3# 4# 5# Gelatin hollow capsule

Gelatin hollow capsules are made by adding appropriate pigments and sunscreens to gelatin for capsules. The products are divided into three types: transparent, translucent and opaque. Gelatin hollow capsules have the advantages of good taste-masking, good bioavailability, beautiful appearance and easy to swallow. They are a widely used pharmaceutical excipient, and they are mainly disintegrated and absorbed in the stomach. The models of gelatin hollow capsules can be divided into 00#, 00#el, 0#, 0#el, 1#, 1#el, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# and other specifications, which can meet various packaging requirements. The amount of drug use. Various printing methods such as circular printing, axial printing, and two-color printing can meet customer requirements.



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  • Gelatin hollow capsules are made from gelatin with suitable pigments and sunscreens. The products are divided into transparent, translucent and opaque. Mask the gelatin hollow capsule has a good taste
    EHG capsules are the most popular two-piece hard gelatin capsules in the world.
    Renowned Performance
    For several decades,EHG capsules have been the product of choice for pharmaceuticals and health care companies due to their reliable, outstanding performance worldwide.
    Product Features & Options
    EHG capsules are the most widely used capsule in the world for many reasons. Key capsule features and benefits include:
    • Tapered rim of the body engages easily with the cap allowing for problem-free closure
    • A dual snap-ring locking system provides full circumference leak-free containment
    • Air vents allow air to escape during filling on high-speed capsule filling machines
    • Rounded hemispherical ends are stronger and more resistant to deformation
    • Available in a wide array of sizes
    • Customizable with color and printing
    • Suitable for a wide range of formulations for both pharmaceuticals and health and nutrition products
    • Outstanding quality - manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines
    • Certified quality assurance system for traceability of raw materials  
    EHG capsules can be ordered in any quantity,color,printing and size, perfect for clinical trial batches, R&D projects or small manufacturing runs.
    Size avaliable:#00--#4
    Capsule water content:12.5%-17.5%,best storage condition: temperature:15°C-25°C,relative humitidy35-65%

    1) We select the good gelatin as our materials to make the surface of the capsules more smooth and evenness of the thickness
    2) The incision is very smooth to prevent the small medicinal powder leaking out of the depart
    3) Before loading the medicinal powder, the trough can prevent the capsule shocking to depart
    4) Having double lock to tight the body of the capsule, thus after the capsule is locked, the hat and the body of the capsule cannot depart easily

    1) Appearance: transparent
    2) Degree of tightness: 1 max.
    3) Brittees: 5/50 max.
    4) Disintegration: 10min max.
    5) Heavy metals: 40ppm max.
    6) So2: 0.01% max.
    7) C2h5ocl: no
    8) Loss on drying: 12.5% - 17.5%
    9) Ash: 2.0% max. ( for transparent capsules)
    10) Viscosity: 60mm2/s min.
    11) Arsenic: 1ppm max.
    12) Microbiological assay
    13) Total count: 1,000pcs/g max.
    14) Fungal count: 100pcs/g max.
    15) Escherichia coli: no
    16) Mite: no
    17) We can supply transparent, semi-transparent, opaque capsules in different sizes which include 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, and 4#.

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Zhejiang Shicheng Capsule Co., Ltd. was established in year 1986.

As a famous Customed Blue and green 00# 00#el 0# 0#el 1# 1#el 2# 3# 4# 5# Gelatin hollow capsule Suppliers and wholesale Customed Blue and green 00# 00#el 0# 0#el 1# 1#el 2# 3# 4# 5# Gelatin hollow capsule company, Zhejiang Shicheng Capsule Co., Ltd. is situated in Ru'ao Industrial park, Xinchang county in Zhejiang, where is the largest capsule distributing center in China. 104 State Road and Shangyu-Sanmen Expressway run through it, thus it enjoys convenient transportation. The company specializes in the production of hard hollow medicinal capsule. Since it was founded in 1986, the company has enhanced the enterprise management to ensure the quality of our Customed Blue and green 00# 00#el 0# 0#el 1# 1#el 2# 3# 4# 5# Gelatin hollow capsule. At present, we have 101 employees, 28 of which are technical personnel, 26 are quality control personnel. The company owns 50 million Yuan RMB of fixed assets, and the annual output of hollow capsule is 10billion. Moreover, we can also offer capsule printing service. Company production workshop layout production facilities are set up according to the requirements of the supplementary material production and the quality control standard

The company has always been in good faith as a fundamental, Regards product quality as the life. Organize production in accordance with the national standards to establish internal control standards.

Our quality policy is: 'produce high-quality wholesale Customed Blue and green 00# 00#el 0# 0#el 1# 1#el 2# 3# 4# 5# Gelatin hollow capsule to make great contribution to the public, strive to satisfy the demand and expectation of the customers'. The company has established perfect quality assurance and market service system, thus we can offer excellent pre-sales, on-sales and after-sales services. The company has been successively evaluated as 'advanced enterprise in Xinchang county' and 'management demonstration enterprise' for five years; and it has been appointed as fixed manufacturer by State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), been evaluated as 'Top-50 industrial enterprises for economic benefit in pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang', 'product quality trustworthy enterprise in Zhejiang province'.

Zhejiang Shicheng Capsule Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit us and talk over business. We would like to cooperate with you to make contribution to the public!


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