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Are HPMC Capsules Safe to Consume?

By admin / Date Jun 05,2023
The answer to this question depends on the type of capsule and its ingredients. Generally, HPMC capsules are made of a combination of hypromellose, water, and artificial colorants such as titanium dioxide or chlorophyll.
They are a safe and effective option for many people who have dietary or religious restrictions. They can also be used for medical purposes.

1.Stable and Long-lasting
One of the main reasons that hygroscopic ingredients are suitable for filling into HPMC capsules is because they are available at low temperatures (below 35 deg C). This means that lipids will not turn brown after a few days like they would do with gelatin capsules.

2.Comfortable to Use
Another reason that HPMC capsules are a better choice than gelatin capsules is because they are more comfortable to take. They don't have that harsh chewing sensation that can be uncomfortable for some people.

3.Highly Soluble and Stable
HPMC capsules are very soluble and stable. This means that they are much more likely to dissolve in your stomach and pass through your digestive system to your intestines, where they'll release their medicinal properties and help you feel better.

4.Another reason that they are a good choice is because they're halal and kosher. This makes them a great alternative to gelatin capsules for people who follow a strict religious diet.

They are also very flexible, which means that they can be shaped and colored in ways that other types of capsules can't. They can be coloured with natural ingredients such as chlorophyll and purple carrot extract, which are less toxic than the synthetic colourants that are often used.