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Do you eat omeprazole enteric-coated capsules on an empty stomach?

By admin / Date Dec 15,2021
Omeprazole enteric-coated capsules has a good effect on some diseases in people’s bodies. In medicine, people often use omeprazole-soluble capsules to treat 12-denal ulcers in people’s bodies. Of course, some reflux esophagitis in people’s body can also be treated with omeprazole enteric-coated capsules. Omeprazole enteric-coated capsules are very effective in treating these diseases. If you want to use Omeprazole Prazole enteric-coated capsules to treat diseases, you must listen to the doctor’s instructions before eating, Zhejiang Shicheng Capsule Co., Ltd. will introduce you

1. Omeprazole enteric-coated capsules need to be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach. This is because omeprazole enteric-coated capsules mainly treat some gastrointestinal diseases that occur in the body. If you eat it on an empty stomach, it will cause medicine. It acts directly on people's intestines and stomach, so that the effect of the medicine will be better.
2. When omeprazole enteric-coated capsules are taken orally, people can not chew and take it directly with water. If people use this medicine to treat reflux esophagitis, they can eat it once. 1 to 3 capsules, once a day in the morning and evening.
3. Omeprazole enteric-coated capsules are filled with white or white enteric-coated particles, and this drug is not particularly expensive to buy. If people buy it on the health website, it will cost 15 yuan 2 Dime can buy this medicine to treat some diseases of people's body.

When using omeprazole enteric-coated capsules to treat diseases, people need to make sure that they are not people with liver and kidney dysfunction. When buying this drug, people should also look at the expiration date.