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What are the precautions for lansoprazole enteric-coated capsules?

By admin / Date Dec 08,2021
What are the precautions for lansoprazole enteric-coated capsules?

1. Use medication with caution in the following patients:
1) Patients who have experienced drug allergies
2) Patients with liver dysfunction (resulting in drug metabolism and prolonged excretion time)
3) Elderly patients

2. Important notes
1) During the course of treatment, it should be fully observed, and the minimum dose required for treatment should be used according to its symptoms.
2) For gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and anastomotic ulcer, it is recommended not to use this product for maintenance treatment due to insufficient long-term use experience.
3) Maintenance treatment is limited to recurrent and recurrent reflux esophagitis. If the symptoms of patients treated with 30mg/day or 15mg/day are relieved for a long time, reducing or stopping the drug will not cause recurrence, and the dose should be reduced to 15mg/day Or stop the drug. During maintenance treatment, regular endoscopy is recommended for follow-up.

3. Other matters needing attention
1) It has been reported that visual impairment may occur during the use of similar drugs
2) Because this medicine will cover up the symptoms of gastric cancer, it is necessary to exclude gastric cancer before administration.
3) The safety of long-term use of this product has not been established (lack of experience in long-term medication).

4. When the drug is delivered: the PTP packaged drug should be taken out of the PTP sheet (it has been reported that the hard acute angle of the PTP sheet pierced the esophageal mucosa by mistakenly ingested, resulting in perforation, complicated by mediastinitis and other serious complications).