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By admin / Date Jul 20,2021
In this age of beauty, all of us have paid a lot for beauty. Nowadays, young people wear a little bit in the cold winter for beauty, which will cause illness. Even if it is not because of this, we will always get sick inadvertently. When we are sick, we have to take injections and medicine. However, I think most people still choose to take medicine. People who take medicine now mostly choose to take western medicine, so I don’t know if you have the same doubts as the editor. Why does it not take the medicine directly, but use a capsule, so what is the use of it?
First of all, everyone knows that as long as there are two types of capsules, one is hard to touch but the hollow shell of the particles inside can be seen. Most of them are made of gelatin, and gelatin is made of animal skin. So overall it is relatively healthy for us. But it is always unavoidable that there are some black-hearted merchants who use leather shoe materials to make this shell, so this kind of generally cannot be eaten, because it contains too many substances harmful to our human body.
There is also a soft shell with a hollow shell. Its shell is relatively hard shell material with more glycerin added. Its function is to dissolve it. Of course, no matter which one can avoid being used by black-hearted merchants, these merchants will also pass it. Some other materials are used to make some fake capsules. Think about how terrible it is to spread it out. Therefore, the editor tells everyone that you must go to a regular pharmacy to buy medicine, and don't be greedy for cheap!
Of course, there are some people who take the capsule apart and drink the contents directly. This is actually wrong. I have a friend around me. I watched him take the capsule apart and drank the contents directly. I asked him why he took the medicine like this. He said that he was afraid that the capsule outside would be harmful to his body. Everyone. Don't learn from this friend of the editor, it would be a big mistake to do so. Because the places where the medicines we take are absorbed are different, some medicines want to be absorbed in the intestines and stomach, then it must be guaranteed not to be dissolved in the stomach. Therefore, you must not dismantle the capsules randomly. Once the medicine is absorbed by other organs in advance, it will poison our body or cause some other diseases. Everyone must take medicine according to the doctor's instructions.
Everyone now knows what the capsules are used for, so don’t open them when you take the medicine. However, the editor still hopes that everyone will take less medicine. After all, medicine has three points of toxicity. I hope everyone has a healthy body!