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What are gelatin capsules made of?

By admin / Date Oct 17,2022
The main materials of hard hollow capsules are gelatin: the main materials of soft hollow capsules are gelatin and glycerin; the main materials of enteric hollow capsules are gelatin or sodium alginate, and then coated with enteric materials such as pvp as a subcoat and then capped for outsourcing. Clothes.
Vegetable capsules are hollow capsules made of plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides to meet the needs of all-natural positioning and capsule formulation solutions. It retains all the advantages of standard hollow capsules: easy to take, effective masking of taste and odor, transparent and visible contents, etc., and at the same time, it has the connotation that traditional gelatin capsules do not have.
What we usually see now is the gelatin capsule, which is composed of gelatin. Medicinal gelatin is a high-grade gelatin with no fat and high protein that is easily absorbed by the human body, which is made from animal skin, bone and tendon through complex physical and chemical treatment. It has the physical characteristics of high viscosity, high freezing force and easy freezing. Capsules are usually divided into hard capsules and soft capsules.
1. Hard capsules are made by preparing a certain amount of drugs (or medicinal material extracts) and appropriate auxiliary materials (or without auxiliary materials) into uniform powder or granules, and filling them into hollow hard capsules.
2. Soft capsules are made by dissolving a certain amount of drugs (or medicinal material extracts) in appropriate auxiliary materials, and then sealing them in spherical or olive-shaped soft capsules by compression method (or drop method). Of course, it can also be further divided into the third category according to the particularity of the use: enteric-coated capsules Enteric-coated capsules are actually a kind of hard capsules or soft capsules, but a special capsule is added to the shell. The medicinal polymer material or special treatment, so it does not dissolve in gastric juice, and only disintegrates and dissolves in intestinal juice to release active ingredients, achieving an enteric effect, so it is called enteric-coated capsules.

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