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What are the knowledge introductions of Empty Enteric Coated Capsules?

By admin / Date Feb 02,2023
Having an enteric coating helps to keep active ingredients intact in the small intestine and ensures they reach their target point. This helps to preserve enzyme activity. Moreover, it also protects the stomach lining from irritation.

An enteric coating can help protect the ingredients in capsules from acidity. This also helps to maintain the taste of the capsule. Moreover, it can also increase the bioavailability of drugs. It can also help reduce liver toxicity.

There are many types of enteric coated capsules. They are made using different materials. There are gelatin enteric coated capsules that use animal products, and HPMC enteric coated capsules that use plant derived HPMC. HPMC is a natural substance that has excellent acid resistance properties. It can be used to encapsulate hygroscopic materials, like oil. It also has good quality standards and can survive different temperature and humidity conditions.

Enteric coated capsules are a good way to ensure that your active ingredients reach the target point. They also protect your stomach lining from irritation, and prevent capsule breakdown in the stomach. They are easy to swallow and are resistant to acidic conditions. They also have delayed release properties, which help to ensure that the capsule does not break down before it reaches the target point.

These capsules are used for several purposes, including delivering vaccine antigens and non-invasive vaccination strategies. They also help to reduce liver toxicity and improve the bioavailability of drugs. They are also used for treating intestinal infections.

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