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What is the knowledge about Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules?

By admin / Date Feb 20,2023
Increasing consumption of medicines and the aging population have driven the global demand for empty hard gelatin capsules. Pharmaceutical companies are expanding their production to meet the increased demand.

Hard gelatin capsules have many benefits for consumers and producers. They offer maximum fill ingredient protection, quick machinability, and perfect dissolve qualities. They are also available in various sizes and dimensions. They can be used to fill dry powder and non-aqueous solutions.

Increasing demand for nutritional supplements and treatment medicines is also driving the growth of this market. The global burden of chronic diseases is increasing, and more people are suffering from it. This is causing the demand for new drugs and medicines to grow.
Hard gelatin capsules offer consumers a convenient way to take medicines. They can be used to mask the taste of bitter medicines and are easy to digest. This makes them a preferred dosage format for health-conscious consumers.

Hard gelatin capsules are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and specifications. The capsules can be printed for consumer identification. They also come in metallic and transparent varieties.
Empty hard gelatin capsules have a dissolving time that is dependent on the capsule size. The time will vary from three to thirteen minutes.
The dissolution time can be influenced by the type of gelatin used and the type of process used to make the capsule. It is also affected by the amount of plasticizer in the capsule. Some gelatin types disintegrate more quickly than others in acidic solutions or high temperatures.