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What are the knowledge introductions of Gelatin Hollow Capsules?

By admin / Date Feb 13,2023
Various types of gelatin hollow capsules have been produced. They are widely used in medicine, health care products and food. The raw material of gelatin hollow capsules is high-quality medicinal gelatin.
Gelatin is a type of protein that is derived from collagen in animal tendons, skin and epidermal tissues. It has good flexibility and a high water content. It is an excellent culture medium for bacterial reproduction.

Its primary component is 2-Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC). It is a part of cellulose, which is mainly made by hydrolysis of plant cellulose. HPMC is stable under high and low humidity conditions.
Gelatin hollow capsules have various size, shape and capacity, and can be custom-made to meet consumer demand. They are safe and easy to use. Their properties make them suitable for both active fills and dietary supplements. They also offer good bioavailability and rapid dissolution.

Gelatin hollow capsules are made from gelatin as the main material and auxiliary materials. The auxiliary material accounts for 0.2-5% of the total weight. Auxiliary materials should be tested for microbial indicators before use.

Gelatin hollow capsules are a popular drug delivery system. They are available in different sizes and capacities, and can be printed with custom designs. The pharmaceutic adjuvants used in these capsules are mostly based on gelatin.

Gelatin hollow capsules are also available in vegetarian variants. Vegetarian gelatin capsules can meet dietary needs of people with food allergies.

These capsules can be produced in a wide range of colors. Adding color can help consumers distinguish between different drugs. It also helps to extend the validity of drugs.