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Why are medicines made into capsules?

By admin / Date Feb 18,2022
First of all, the common capsules on the market are mainly divided into two categories.
Soft and hard capsules.
Soft capsules have good sealing properties,
Medicines can be stored for a long time,
The hard capsules are the two-color capsules we often see.
It consists of two capsules held together,
Its airtightness is not as good as that of soft capsules, which contain medicinal powder.
And making the medicine into capsules has the following benefits
To mask the bad smell of the drug, it is easy to swallow.
Can improve drug stability
The drug is contained in a capsule shell and isolated from the outside world
So as to avoid the influence of moisture, air and light
Some degree of masking of unstable drugs
played a protective and stabilizing role.
some medicines are bitter
In order to make the patient not feel bitter when taking the medicine
So add capsules.
Some medicines are digested in the gut
Capsules protect the drug from being eroded away by stomach acid before it gets in the stomach.
Capsules can also delay drug release and localize drug release.
can be avoided in some patients after taking the drug
Nausea, anorexia, vomiting and other adverse reactions.
certain medicines or liquid medicines that are high in oil
Difficult to make into pills.
So it can only be made into capsules.