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Why is medicine made into tablets or capsules?

By admin / Date Feb 09,2022
First. Reasons why medicines are made into pills:
1. The measurement is accurate, and the difference in the drug content in the tablet is small.
2. Stable quality, easy to carry, transport and take.
3. Mechanized production, large output, low cost, and easy to achieve hygiene standards.

Second. The reason why the medicine is made into capsules:
1. Some medicines are bitter, and taking them into capsules will save you from suffering.
2. Some medicines are mixed with a variety of medicinal powders or viscous liquids, and the demand for medicines is not very large, so it is convenient to take them into capsules.
3. Reduce the waste of drugs in the mouth and allow the drugs to be fully absorbed in the stomach.

Third. Difference:
1. From the point of view of dosage form:
Both capsules and tablets belong to solid preparations, capsules are capsule dosage forms in solid preparations, and tablets belong to tablet dosage forms in solid preparations.
2. From the perspective of absorption speed:
Solid preparations such as capsules and tablets are mainly taken orally. After administration, the drug needs to be dissolved, and then absorbed through the gastrointestinal epithelial cell membrane into the blood circulation to play its therapeutic role. Oral preparations are generally absorbed in the order of capsule > tablet. In addition, the drug in the capsule is filled in the capsule shell in the state of powder or granule, which is different from the tablet, without the process of mechanical extrusion, so the capsule generally takes effect faster than the tablet.
3. From the point of view of advantages:
One of the advantages of capsules is the solid dosage form of liquid medicines, that is, medicines with high oil content or liquid medicines that are difficult to be made into tablets are made into soft capsules, which have the characteristics of convenient use and clear dosage.
4. From the perspective of disintegration time limit:
① Hard capsules should be completely disintegrated within 30 minutes; soft capsules and enteric-coated capsules should be completely disintegrated within 1 hour.
②The disintegration time limit of ordinary tablets is 15 minutes; dispersible tablets and soluble tablets are 3 minutes; sublingual tablets and effervescent tablets are 5 minutes; film-coated tablets are 30 minutes; extract tablets, sugar-coated tablets and enteric-coated tablets are 1 hour.
In addition, capsules are prepared into powders, granules, small tablets or pellets, etc., and then filled in the capsule shell. Compared with tablets, the production cost is relatively higher.